About Us

Technology Nic, Radically transforming IT with world-class technology solutions all under one roof.

Our Work Ethics

Technology Nic has the most important factor due to which we are standing constant is this competitive market is our core value and the mutual trust between our clients, team, and management.

Our Vision

We have a clear vision to always remain client-centric, best in class IT solution provider, we want to empower more and more people surroundings with our technologies solution.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to make happy client base, because for us our clients are our asset, and to evolve with the upcoming technologies.


We are constantly offering diverse services, with an aim to accomplish all sought of requirements raised by clients across the world.

Software and Application Development Web and App

Global solutions provider and systems integrator, with the latest technology to increase business productivity, obtain sustainable business value and transform your business inside-out.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

We provide multiple offers of domains, emails, data storage, even local, in the cloud and as an integrated device. To support data-based decision making.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Controlling and managing resources is made easy, fast, accurate with our support in marketing and social media, we are solution in numerous factors, resulting in our happy customer base.

Our Skills

Have you ever imagined getting all IT solution under one roof? If not and even if you are searching for your IT partner, you are in the right place.

HTML 95%
CSS 85%
JavaScript 80%
ReactJS and ReactNative 75%
Ruby on Rails 65%

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